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well i no longer own 50% of terabyte hosting, i gave it up due to resent health issues and the morphine just means i can not work as much as i did.

my problem is something i am just finding out about, for 5 years i have lived in constant severe pain, 6 weeks ago i was given the diagnosis:

Peripheral neuropathy ( nerve damage)
it affects my left arm my left side of my body, both hands, my neck and face, left lung.

there is no cure.

i was put on morphine 4 weeks ago, it helps with 80% see more of the constant pain, but does nothing for the electric shocks i get through my body.

it causes Apathy, (feeling of not caring if i live or die) constant pain has that affect i guess. i guess that explains some of my comments. who knows?

i do not relish the idea of being in a wheelchair by the time i am 30. and having to rely on others to do things for me, there is nothing wrong with my brain. my body just doesnt work as it should.
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