In my personal opinion and I have not been responded to also many times in the past there is only one way to resolve these kinds of support issues. I know everyone has heard me say these things before. We cannot assume that everyone has the same technical expertise. That is simply not fair to do so. I mean what is a business professional supposed to do when they have 50K plus members and something is not working correctly on the site and they need help. Wait weeks and maybe never have a response see more and worst yet not even know if and when that response is coming.

#1 Boonex has an area for documentation but probably needs to be kept up to date a little better. I know that there has been talk on reorganizing Expertzzz and that in itself will probably help a lot. I personally think much of the countless emails you receive is brought on by yourself do to lack of and correctly organizing documentation.

#2 there needs to be a support ticket system put into place at Boonex. VictorT while I here you are flooded with tons of support emails the question becomes how do you decide what emails get answered and what emails do not? Having a ticket system helps identify priority, route questions to the proper resource as well as make sure that support questions don’t get lost in the shuffle. Accountability is key ..! and that equals responsibility.

While I realize that Dolphin is a free script but it seems less likely for anyone to want to purchase link removals and other upgrades if the support is not there.

Please understand I still think what you guys are doing with Dolphin is great or I would not be here wasting my time. But I also think that there is a ton of work to be done on QC as it related to documentation and support.

There are plenty of easy to use support ticketing systems out there that can very quickly and easily implemented. Once again..! Accountability.

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