Andrew Boon
Dolphin Docs are here -

You may participate in making them better. If you become a Pundit, you will get access to WIKI editing. Even as it is now - it's one of the more detailed manuals compared to competition. We still add and tweak it sometimes though. Suggestions welcome.

As for support... that has been a problem from day ..10 I'd say. We have a comparatively small team, yet thousands of users and that's why we always encourage community see more to discuss issues and help each other. We have to concentrate on development a lot and it takes lots and lots of time. We do support, as much as we can and we try to improve, but the users base is growing faster.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.