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I voted positive to the OP - negative to yours.

With the new rules I'm sure this discussion will not last - it's both off topic and not in line with the new policy - for this I apologise to the mods in advance

But I feel the need to say that I think that deleting the guide was a selfish and childish act.

Deleting your posts also removes help from those for it in the future.

This really isn't in the spirit of open source / community / unity. Clearly not only do you not want to contribute see more anything useful any more - but the action of deleting stuff such as the guide is pretty much an act of sabotage.

If you have a gripe / grudge against boonex et al, and you don't have anything useful to contribute, why are you still here?

If this was my site - I would have banned you already.
DeeEmm(negative) << you uses the radio buttons for the neg rep. they only apply the rep to the main post, go try it again or just look at the neg rep link and you are listed as giving the OP the neg rep.

oh and it aint your site is it?

you said most of my stuff was full of mistakes, are you now saying it wasnt?

you really dont understand the voting system and you had the gaul to say i dont know what i am doing?

i put positive rep on the radio button to compensate the OP for your see more Neg rep you gave in error
lol - too funny.

Firstly - oops for hitting the wrong reply button (my apologies to the OP owner for littering his thread), and further apologies to Boonex et al for my disregard for the new rules (again).

However - I will say that this will be my last post here on Boonex.

Sammie - You really need to get out more.

I did not say (in this post) that your 'stuff is full of mistakes' please try to keep up with the conversation. Yeah yeah - I know that this is a loaded question so that you see more can mis-quote me from another post in another thread about something different that is completely out of context here [yawn].

Regardless of what I think of the value of your posts and idiots guide, it was a very selfish act to delete them.

In fact it is one of the single most childish thing's I have seen someone do on the internet.

You contributed the guide to the community, where it has been included as part of the documentation, IMO once it is given to the community it becomes the property of the community - you passed on the interlectual property rights when you donated that work, it was no longer yours to delete. Hence my opinion that deleting it was sabotage. As I mentioned before - if this was my site I would have banned you for this act alone. Yes - and thank you for stating the very obvious - I am well aware that it isn't my site.

I find it enlightening that you should exact revenge for your troubles by hurting those not involved or to blame for them. It speaks volumes about the kind of person you are, and has a tinge of bitter irony considering that you were complaining of being a victim of such a thing only days ago.

By deleting the guide, you are trying to use the community as some kind of emotional plea bargaining tool with Boonex. Well, you show them Sammie - that'll make them see! Soon they will learn how they cannot survive without you, the whole empire will fall about their feet - lol

At the end of the day, the only effect it has are on those like maddp - who is now trying to find information that you deleted.

Give yourself a great big pat on the back dear. Well done

Nice to see that your rhetoric is based on my use / misuse of the radio buttons, very classy and intelligent reply, give yourself another great big pat on the back - you deserve it.

I'm done with the melodrama. It's not that it's directed at me or anything, it's just that it hurts my eyes having to read it. I would like to come here and read posts that do not have sammie post whoring in them. So, until that day comes...

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