I agree that the Dolphin templating could be much easier and more flexible.

DeeEmm, I see what he is getting at here. Even with a clear knowledge of HTML and CSS, Dolphin is awkward and inflexible (unless I am missing quite a bit of information, which is always possible). I'd like to style different modules differently. Some to have a darker background, for example to make them stand out fromt he page, and so on.

This is not easily accomplished in Dolphin.

Not that I will not keep trying, see more and I am sure I will succeeed when i have the time to devote.

That said, some CMS systems have the templating more standardized and it is easy to say X_Module (latest blogs, for example) looks very different from Y_Module (latest forum posts), because you gave it a different style definition (classes module_x and module_y, respectively, for example).

It's good to be able to do, and make designing much more flexible in the long run.
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