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I would have a much improved classifieds section. There isn't any mod available to do this that I know of.

1. Adding more custom fields - without the odd price descriptions that are there now (maximum, equal, minimum)

2. Integrated Google maps

3. Fix the "Buy Now" button & also provide a way to link it directly with payment so that an ad isn't hidden unless it's been verified paid. (Not that the hide feature works anyways - at least it doesn't on my 6.16)

4. Integrating see more adsense in the classifieds - for each classified advert - could bring in even more revenue since it would be targeting people already shopping for that item.

There are a ton of things that could be done with the classifieds area which could really allow site owners to make money since they could make it specific to paid members, or charge a per ad fee.

It could make Boonex a lot of money too because Boonex would have a far better product than any other classifieds scripts at this point. (IMO)

Most classified scripts available on the internet are either extremely expensive, ugly, terrible, insecure, or all of the above.

Boonex could really exploit the lack of quality in this area, while providing answers to all of the problems I just listed.
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