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I dont think screening is a good idea before you can use the software,or use the support site either. I think its really only about keeping on top of the activities of members while users are here. Sammie's website (which is what you mentioned) is a little bit different with the nature of the site and to keep it safe from men joining. There really isnt a need for that level of control here though, its more about people managment while they are here rather than vetting who can use this site before see more hand. You have to show a level of trust i feel to new users, and vetting is really only shifting responsibility for people who should be able to control the live site anyway.


see moreYou´re right, Tyke. This idea occurred to me because of all the stupid posts from this past weekend. It was like too much for such short period of time!!
Again, I agree with the fact that a little bit of bonafide would not hurt us all. However, when things turn ugly, why not kick out those who are not here to build a better place for work/business/leisure, whichever reasons everyone might have.
Let´s hear what others have to say and maybe we can all come up with a joint solution.
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