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dosdawg said "...its a pity that we would even need to be having this discussion, as you would expect all who join on here to be of a mature age and not require the necessity to be treated like a child..."

I totally agree.

Just delete the offenders - there is a policy in effect here - why not enforce it? Extra mods have been employed, they know who the offenders are, as it is plain to see. You break the rules - you pay - simple

I must admit, I do find it funny the way that these see more users carry on, getting so angry, feeling the need to flame others, hijacking threads etc etc...

FFS it's a tech-geek blog site. What are these people even thinking in acting this way? I come to a place like this expecting people to be chatting about geeky stuff like web2 / ajax / whatever the buzz topic of the moment is.

Instead we get handbags at 50 paces.

Show no mercy - that's what I say.


I couldn´t agree with you more, DeeEmm.
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