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Well tell your bookie that this does NOT please me and I am sending him a special gift in the Make sure he is not standing next to anyone when he opens it up..

But seriously, I think if there is not a stable version of d7 by income tax return, I will go ahead and purchase abelspace software. I just can not wait another year. As it is i probably wont have many resigns after-wards as some have waited to long to join and set up their sites and probably wont come back after waiting for 2 see more years for me to get a 99% complete software up.

I am sure this blog will cause a lot of back lash, so bring it on, but don't expect me to participate in it as it is getting real old around here. We all have our issues and well, please respect my right to voice my concerns, and I will respect yours when you trash my blog..
I dont believe if people are being honest in this blog that it will cause backlash, i think deep down we are all feeling the same way. while we all appreciate that D7 needs to be stable,we just dont know why it seems to be taking so long.
The trouble is dolphin is good in its potential,you mention ablespace, well ive been messing with OSD, its rubbish at the side of dolphin but it will do for a small project im working on for parents with disabled kids. There's just something about dolphin though see more that makes you wait, and hope that it will be sorted soon. People will only wait so long though before they syart to get a bit twitchy....
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