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I also see on the roadmap that 6.1.7 is on its way, now call me silly if you like, but it might have been better to have sorted D6 out first if D7 was going to take this long.
i know its been said that 6 is already stable enough, but i have to dis-agree with that,unless its only me with a live D6.1.6 where the presence doesn't work properly (you click on one member in the presence, and you get the member two places down) annoying the bum off my members. Not to mention it looks like im cheating see more as all my members show online when they arent.

(anyhoo, im getting side tracked)

I really do think there is a need for a bug free product before you start going for "the next big thing" makes sence to me. at least it keeps us all happy while we hang about waiting.


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