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I hesitate to upgrade anything that is just coming out. Just look at Winblows every time MS releases a new version. I like giving software time to settle in and get patched, stabilized, secured, etc. before I even consider sending my clients in a new direction. Same goes for Dolphin. When the final release of 7 hits the streets, it will be another 6 months for all of the bugs to get worked out if past history is any clue. Then you have to consider, unless you've been digging into the code and see more are ready to begin customizing it yourself right off the bat, it's going to be a while before there are any number of mods available to start freshening up the look of the site. In the meantime, your site (or you client's) is going to look like about every other D7 site out there. I understand that there are quite a few of you here that could just jump right in and start making wholesale changes to it with little thought or trouble, but it takes me a while to really dig around and find those things that I need to get to. I started out on D6.01 several years ago, and stayed with that until the past few months when I began working on a modification to 6.16. After having seen what D7 is going to look like, it will be another two years or so before I begin to think about making a move to it or whatever the latest stable release happens to be. Just the ramblings of an old fart, but sometimes having the latest and greatest, just to have it, can be a lot more trouble than it's worth.
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