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I guess this is where it pays to follow them on Twitter. :)

"Back from Singapore SNWF. Working on Dolphin 7, Mobile Apps and Unity update.10:43 PM Sep 28th from Tweetie "

They don't tweet too much, but I did catch that they went to a conference and have been away from the project for a while.

While I don't care if they have gone out and on a conference or any other event, I sort of agree that perhaps an message could have gone out in the blogs or online see more here in Unity stating that they were not going to be working on the project for a little while...

But...since I have not sites installed with Boonex at the moment, I am not really paying too much attention to the releases. (Not Boonex's fault that I have no sites installed with it.) Therefore I stay neutral! :)
Thanks for the info, i rarely ever get on twitter anymore.
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