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Of course, why should you support it? You have a site running in 6.1.6 and more than likely have paid little or nothing towards it. Of course this demonstrates your position that Boonex should just slave away.

And for those complaining that new items are being added while others wait to be fixed, perhaps you should begin to comprehend how things are done. D7 is built in modules, and while adding something to the site seems strange, since it's in a fully different module than something with see more issues there is no issue to this. Perhaps if you took a moment to really comprehend how simple some things are and how difficult others are then you might begin to grasp what is going on here.

Boonex is breaking a ton of new ground that has never before been done and trying to develop a product that will blow minds. In the mean time, a bunch of children are sitting around complaining about the software not having every toy they want.

Guess what. When you own the company you can choose the options of the base software, until that time, you can accept what is offered to you and if you want additionals, get off your arses and develop it yourself. Perhaps then you will gain a little bit of respect for the people who spend countless hours working on this software and all the sacrifices they have taken. If Boonex wants to take a vacation, then guess what...

I'll pay for the thing myself. They've earned it!
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