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I would be quite upset if i paid for dolphin and had to go months before i actually got a working site. I was very close to investing alot of money into their software before i seen all the beta versions, and what seems like a lack of any real support and professionalism. The bottom line is this is a business, not just some casual software. Just like you state it is their right to update or not, the same can be said in reverse. It is our right to decide if we want to invest in said software or see more not as well. The whole purpose for businesses to release trial sosftware, or in boonexes case a free license is for people to try it out. Then people can make a conscious decision if they want to purchase the full software or not. This is not something that boonex has came up with, but rather the standard when talking about software. I'm sure boonex understood by allowing people a trial of sorts they knew what they were getting themselves into, and not everyone will want to purchase the add free version. But to think they would delete accounts of people that aren't happy with the way things are going here is a bit harsh to say the least.
The bottom line is just because you paid money for a add free version of dolphin gives you no more right then someone that hasnt paid a dime, and is just trying out their software imo.
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