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And you have invested nothing. As far as your whine concerning the $1000.00 goes, that's nothing when it comes to operating a business. What? You think a $1000.00 is a lot of money? If you think that's a high price to pay for the base of your company then you need to begin to rethink what your getting into. Let me help you out on this one.

If you are designing a dating site you can expect the following:

Google Adwords: $30,0000.00 US per month, might get you 1,0000 members back out see more of that investment. Be prepared to invest this as a loss for the first year.

Twitter Ads: Prepare to dump another $15,000 - $20,000 US the direction of Twitter, they're becominga major player in the advertising sector and as such, your gonna have to buy those ads if you want to catch the individuals who are doing other things.

SEO: Better be ready to dump countless hours or turn over a minimum of $10,000.00 US if you want your site to land high in the search engines. SEO is a powerful tool that if done right will deliver amazing results, if done wrong your dead in the water and will likely never recover from the damage you do trying to figure this one out.

Now, you haven't even gotten into the layout of your site. Better cough up some more money if you want to seperate it from the rest and get some custom graphics/tables included into it.

Then we have site functionality. If you can get anyone to build you a decent site for $2k then you have a miracle, in this were talking about Dolphin. Site builds have run several thousands of dollars for a truly good site that has full functionality and works across the board for your users in all browsers.

So, you keep whining about that $1K US for the license and realize your not even close to having a site that anyone wants to bother with for that license fee... Not even close... All that gets you is the base to start with...
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