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Ok mydatery first off i can do website design myself, I would need to get it coded however IF thats what i decide to do. 1,000 dollars is alot of money to spend on something that doesn't work. To me 5 dollars is too much to spend on something that doesn't work. Maybe you have money to throw out but I don't. 30,000 dollars a month on adwords is a bit high don't you think? Then twitter adds $20,000 a month? Seriously are you just throwing these figure out of thin air? Then 10k dollars on search see more engine optimization if you are paying this much (which i seriously doubt) then more power to you. But that is wayyyy too much to spend on a start up online business. Let's get real. Again like i said in my previous post that is your opinion, and i have mine just because i don't agree with what you are saying doesnt mean i am whining. When i invest money i expect to get some sort of reasonable return for my investment no matter what it is. If you just throw money out just to throw it out, you would be better off playing the lottery or something.
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