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We need the RC to start working and get busy with the platform!
One thing i'm suggesting here:
-Can you organise that in a way that the main platforms bugs get a greater importance into solving that the plugins bugs? If you make the platform stable enough to work on, we'll be able to start producing live sites, plugins and templates, which means income for us and revenue for Boonex!
Andrew Boon
Totally agree. We've discussed that a few days ago and decided to concentrate on core issues only and release RC asap. One more beta is imminent, though.
Please, please, please - if there is one more beta, please give us an upgrade path to the RC. Also, on the "core features" issues, make sure the registration form works properly (especially the multiple select checkbox items). If that does not work, then we can't even collect data properly, and the whole thing is worthless.
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