Andrew Boon
I didn't read your post, just glancedd and noticed the all-capitals part and here's the answer - we will not announce the "REAL RELEASE DATE". Some people keep asking about dates, we try to make estimations and then they take them for "promises". We have not given any promises on the D7 release date and we never will. We shared our estimations and info about the development process.

You have chosen to dive into this process, and we welcome your choice. If you ever regret it see more - current/released Dolphin 6 is always there.

There's officially no Dolphin 7, there's no promise to even release it.

Enough is enough. Dolphin 7 will be released when it's ready. That's all you can get for release date.
Andrew, maybe not two years, but it really has been at least a year. Sometime after your "next big thing" post in August of 2008 you started using language like "really close" or "almost here". Many of us had to make a decision - should we mod out a D6 site or wait for the much better technology. In retrospect, it was a mistake- is it still a mistake?

I agree there haven't been firm promises for a "stable D7" - but there have been promises for the see more RC - lots of them. As you define it, the RC is when you will start supporting an upgrade script. That is really all that most of us want. We don't care what you call it.

No one expects totally bug free software, and the technology does look excellent - but it really is your most loyal members here who have helped you test all the betas. They are being punished by being forced to tear down all their work every three weeks or so, and it shouldn't surprise you that some of them must feel a little duped. Going two or three betas without being able to upgrade between them is one thing. Going through more than eight betas without an upgrade path is another nobody saw that coming. The people who have done absolutely nothing to help with the betas are in the exact same position as those who have worked their asses off helping - you have your incentives all wrong.

As I posted on another blog though, not caring about the release date, is the same as not caring about the product. Whenever someone posts something like this, people come and post things like "take your time Boonex" or "don't listen to the complainers". One guy even said he doesn't care if Boonex takes years or more to come out with D7 if that is what it takes. The people who make posts like this are your serious members. They are passionate about what they are doing and are being hurt by this approach.
RE: "One guy even said he doesn't care if Boonex takes years or more to come out with D7 if that is what it takes."

For the record, I would have no problem if you grew a pair of balls and used my name directly, instead of using terms like "one guy"... or "one of the members". I really would appreciate direct credit for the things I say. For the record, your reading comprehension skills suck..... and that's putting it quite mildly.

You like to constantly shitpick see more about me, but your personality is about as hideous as any I have ever seen.
BTW.... if you are going to go around telling people what "one guy said", it would probably be best if you did a direct cut and paste, and not some weak-minded interpretation of what was said.
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