Woof!!! that took some guts to do that what with some of the cooperate suckups and butt lickers we have on here at times.... Im only surprised that it didn't get said sooner. im actually thinking of closing my site down now, seems no point keeping it going what with the bugs and no solution to a fully working site, and like lightwolf implies, money doesnt grow on tree's to keep hosting something that doesnt work all that good. for those who are going to argue with me about how it does work you just see more have to re code a bit, or fix this or fix that.... Let me just say, i have a fully working VB board, and a IPB, both in which i paid money for,not to mention numerous free site like MYBB and NON of them need me to jump into the code to fix things. While many can do that, you shouldn't have to. I really am surprised that people are still hanging about waiting when there are some very good alternatives about.

Im a patient man myself, but all this is becoming a joke to be honest, Each day that goes past i look at my buggy site and think, whats the point, even when the RC comes out it wont be stable, i know this and ive had to let down a client myself ( a national union society for spiritualism no less) who were counting on me for a working site by now.... that might not seem important to some, but to me its a great loss of face on my part, and i know there are many in the same situation.

So well said lightwolf
Thank you hon, right now is the time of year that people who are having faith problems and well life problems could really use websites that help others. Mine I am afraid will have to wait tell someone on the developers side says "okay guys enough is enough, we can not keep these people waiting much longer" But as I have always stated, I do not see a RC before xmas time. It is a sad fact for us all.....but is well true.....So Unoboonex, next time you decided to post a time frame. STOP and see more think, is this really true? Is this really possible? How long can we keep disappointing others before they move on. Face it, you may have the future community software but by the time the bugs are worked out and it is released, your competition will already have what you are building now. So where is the progress? hmmmmm...
This is the main reason why i decided to not invest any real money in dolphin 6.16 even tho it is decent, it would require so much modification before it would get to the level i wanted it. I decided to wait on d7, if i decide to invest money in dolphin at all. I really feel sorry for all the people that have invested hundreds of dollars on dedicated hosting and the like with the intention of using a dolphin 7 based site. I guess i was lucky and am spending the bare minimum for hosting right now see more untill i actually have a site worthy of membership. Good luck to you guys.
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