Yeah well let him state his crap, as well as we can state ours. Boot me off here I really don't care if you boot me off of here. You have promised and you should go back to 2 years ago up till now and see how many times you have said a release this week, or next week, or soon....Please you may not have said the words"promise" but you have stated we would have a working dolphin for over 2 years now....soon....soon....1 more thing....blah blah blah!! Oh and yeah I know you only read posts see more of people that are ass kissers, not a grandmother that has put all her monies into trying to create a free site for all who believe in Our Creator. I know I am not important to you or your staff, as I have not made any type of donation to your company, as of now I am unemployed, but I was more then willing to give a donation after first of the year. Also as donations came in would have sent a little bit more.

But after 2 years of this crap, and they way you speak to some of us on here, like we are lower then you on the life and intelligent scale, my mind is turning towards buying a software from your competitor. Sure you may have the best software for the future, but for now, what you have is half working crap! So ban me if you like, but I am sure I am NOT the only one that has talked to you like this Unoboonex.
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