"Enough is enough. Dolphin 7 will be released when it's ready. That's all you can get for release date."

I am sorry to say but I really did not liked the tone of this message unoboonex.

We all understand SLDC takes time but imagine if you had a real high paying corporate customer then would you have replied the same way?? We all know that during the requirements/SOW phase, a complete roadmap of the project is prepared and it's strictly followed.

I also invested $500 buying mods see more for 6.1.4 but your 'couple of weeks' blog made me wait for D7 and eventually all that money went down the drain. I misinterpreted, 'couple of weeks' like 1-2 months but if I knew the wait would be so long, I probably would have gone with 6.1.4 . It was my decision and i don't blame anyone for it. The only thing I guess everyone expects now is a release candidate that can support database upgrades..thats all!!!

Anyways, you guys have an excellent product but please don't be harsh.We all are part of the same community and let's work together and make this product the most successful one on earth, just a small request from a dolphin lover !!!
I spologixe for the double post. I just tried to edit it and it posted it as a new message. Mods please delete the second message..sorry for the inconvenience
How silly of you. To think "a couple of weeks" meant "a couple of weeks". You should have known better!
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