@houstonlively: don't you stop whining, as constructive moaning and groaning will make this next release of Dolphin one fantastic framework for us all.

@LightWolf, Caltrade, et al: While I disagree with your perception of being deceived by BoonEx, as well as with other comments re Dolphin 7's development process and its impact on your finances (how can anyone make a business plan based on a software company's "we are going to release a new version that will knock your socks-off very soon" see more announcement?), I would think that your freely voicing your concerns and opinions so forcefully here will only be matched by your outstanding praise and equally-loud support for when the long-yearned D7 is finally forceped-out. Perhaps I am wrong.

Regardless, do you really think that your arguments are more solid by insulting Uno and insisting on saying that those customers who do not share your opinions, or express their views in a less belligerent tone are "ass-kissers", "Chosen Ones", customers "who do not care about the product", "suckups and butt lickers", etc., etc.?

No matter if you are a grandmother spending hundreds on a free religious website, or an entrepreneur investing tens of thousands on a for-profit venture, all BoonEx customers want and hope for the same: the successful release of one powerful software platform.

I suspect that the team developing this product reads these comments with true anguish, concern, and frenetic desire to deliver ASAP (regardless of their agreeing or not with such comments). However, the insults you throw at them... I really do not know how they cope with them.

LightWolf, as you are now "turning towards buying a software from [a BoonEx] competitor", think not to slam the door on your way out, nor to continue chastising those who respectfully disagree with your views if you end up staying. Passing brisk personal judgment on fellow Unity-members for thinking different than you is not a very Christian thing to do.

OK, I will take the bait. I think D7 is awesome - I think that now, and I never said otherwise. All I have said is I wish we had an upgrade script between betas so we can stop trashing our work and start making progress. I never understood why that is so horrible.
By the way, though I completely disagree with you, at least you are one of the people testing the beta. Most of the people saying, "Boonex, take all the time you need" aren't contributing a thing. I assume you have this opinion because you have a modified D6 site that you are happy with?
I'm sorry I could not get past the "blah...blah...blah". Can you say that again? As for speaking my mind, I will continue to do so tell they ban me from here, "JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE" does.
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