Lightwolf you should never have promised your customers anything in the first place, until you know for sure you can hold up to your promises and should have waited for at the very least RC versions before telling your customers anything. That way you know for sure Dolphin 7 is coming out very soon. Giving your customers empty promises and jumping the gun is your own business mistake. Jumping the gun is a mistake that many are making here.

Houston you may think that you may have caused some of see more the delays yourself, but your input has helped Boonex in their development of D7 and if improvements cause delays then good, as we all want a good and as stable product as possible.

Unoboonex/Andrew I must say that the way this has been handled by you and your staff is really appolling and you guys need to learn how to be more delicate towards your customers who have helped you build this community. The rudeness, the not replying to posts or PM's is a lack of respect for your customers. While I understand that there are a lot of whiners and complainers here, you still have to deal with them and not simply ignore them, especially your paying/donating customers such as myself (although I am not one of the whiners/complainers). As I am patient in waiting for a great stable version of D7, the time it has taken to date has been way too long and pushing almost 2 years. While most of us can understand the time it takes to develop software, we don't understand why it is taking this long as D7 should have been at RC stage 6 months ago. I can also understand that with all the whining and complaining as all it does is get you and your staff down, and makes you guys think screw it, lets take our time, but you have to understand how we are all feeling and how this affects all of our businesses. I personally have sent you a PM a few days ago and have yet to receive a response.

With that being said we all have to decide whether or not the wait is worth it. D7 is looking great with some great technology and in my opinion is worth the wait for a good stable product (however hopefully not too much longer). For those who can't wait and be patient then maybe you should move on to some other software and quit posting the repetitive negative crap here. Oh and by the way Booonex is not responsible for any life problems many of you are having or complaining and posting about.
I did not jump the gun, my members know exactly what is going on, and this site is NOT a business, it's a site to help and guide people, and to teach them about "Our Creator" I am not a christian, but I do believe and have seen angels and spoke with "The Almighty" with instant response. This site is to spread the word, and let people grow spiritually with the help of other members. I do no harm, but I am human and have the right to bitch about things here just as you all do.
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