I understand coding can be a long process, regarding debugging and feature building...

However it'll say a lot of arguments or negative feedback, if boonex could just provide HIS community, HIS members with a upgrade script from Beta 8 onwards, I mean it'll make up for the delays and it'll allow members to get to work on their sites.

I mean really guys it has to be tested, why not test it a version before? - We can work on our site and we'll be finding bugs with it, cause we want to have a see more good community, so it'll help and WE can not have to destroy our work and keep paying for hosting that its not getting used to its full potential. People want to secure their company names/domains ect...and have a good solid community. People don't want to use 6.16 NO MORE after they've seen Dolphin 7.0 - Thats old stuff, well for me it is. It'll also confuse members like see what facebook has done with the new LIVE feed, it confused members, you want to come out with the NEW features and user-friendly system from the word go.

Its not an attack or negative feedback on boonex but its just a opinion coming from a developer himself.


Kind Regards,

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