You know, I love how people who are "SITTING ON THE SIDELINE WAITING ON D7 AND NOT DEVELOPING A SINGLE THING" like to call those of who are hard at working developing & utilizing D6 as Hobbyists because we're wise enough to know that it takes time to properly go through R&D.

When you walk a mile in my shoes and develop in D6 what I have done, then you can start to preach, but right now I'm seeing a group of people standing around waiting to be handed something for nothing just see more so they don't have to get off their arses and actually learn how to write a friggin line of code or decipher a single SQL Query.

In the past 13 months (Yeah, it's been about that long, will be on the 8th) I have gone from knowing nothing about Boonex/Dolphin and so on and now I own a company and this is primarily one of the things we do. This company is not run out of my house, it has it's own building with computers/mock servers/programmers/conference room/dry erase board (it gets used to make shiny lists)/phone lines/and we even have post it notes and paper clips. To come in here and state that I'm a hobbyist when it's my own personal money that covered payroll while we were exclusively doing development and now sales manage to cover the company/paroll expenses is a friggin joke.

Yes, I'm clearly stating it here: "You want to call me a hobbyist because I have a clue as to how R&D works and I'm willing to exhibit the professionalism & patience required to achieve a good product for us to start our own development with, then this makes you a complete and total friggin idiot. This is the most ascanine remark you could possibly make to say that about those of us who have truly invested our time/money and full resources into this while you go work another job and then toy with the idea of starting a company in your spare time... That makes you the hobbyist.

When you grow up enough to quit living with a sense of entitlement then come see me, I might have a job for you pulling weeds and picking up cigarette buttes!
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