Of course LightWolf... The opening paragraph of your blog would never give the impression that you weren't taking on jobs... Let me quote you:

"Okay this is about all I can take. 2 years you have been promising us a working Dolphin, and for 2 years we have been told, it's almost there!. I know you all are working hard at this, but so are we. Don't keep giving us false hope and making us look bad to our members and customers."

Now one on this site would take a member to be a person see more who belongs to a site that you own. A customer would be a person who pays you for something. Since your site is allegedly free and only accepts donations for it's support (harvested that piece of information from your response to Uno) then one can only assume that you are attempting to accept jobs.

I'm curious also as to how your employment situation plays into any part of this argument? Right now 9.8% of the population in the United States is out of work (approximately 12 million people nationwide and the entire city of Detroit that does not have a gov't job) and I actually have to applaud you for taking a chance and trying to create a job for yourself and not depend upon public funding, but how in the world do you think that part applies to the argument your proposing concerning the release of D7? Do you think that perhaps because your unemployed that Boonex should jump through extra hoops for you to get it out faster?

Also, I'm curious to know how your response would be if Boonex was to release D7 today with all it's bugs/issues? Are you prepared to repair all of those bugs yourself? Oh yeah, that's right, you have your PhD in software programming and development so this is no problem for you. That's why you've put so much work into the development of D7. Is "The Almighty" your top programmer there?

And in response to your comments concerning "pregnant women, moodiness and oh so much more..."

1. My mouth NEVER goes off on this site. Actually, noone's mouth has ever gone off on this site: it has no video or audio abilities.

2. I'm not moody, I'm an Arsehole. Please recognize the difference, to imply being moody would mean that I'm happy/unhappy/sad/angry/excited/forlorn/depressed/jubilant and so on. I'm just an arsehole.

3. Pregnant women are moody? I also thought they were incredibly beautiful with that amazing glow that they have. It really is a truly amazing look that they have. Now women in menopause: Those are incredibly sadistic individuals who have a huge tendency to hear things that are not there.
To quote one immature thing.
"1. My mouth NEVER goes off on this site. Actually, noone's mouth has ever gone off on this site: it has no video or audio abilities."
Be a mture adult and shove the 4 year old comments where the sun don't shine.
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