Lightwolf, I strongly suggest you go get your Prozac, because it seems your going to need a lot of it in the near future. You might also want to check into the Betty Ford clinic and see if maybe they can't get you addicted to Phonics, that way you can practice your comprehension, let's look at it again:

1. I never busted on your employment situation, what I said was:

I'm curious also as to how your employment situation plays into any part of this argument? Right now 9.8% of the population see more in the United States is out of work (approximately 12 million people nationwide and the entire city of Detroit that does not have a gov't job) and I actually have to applaud you for taking a chance and trying to create a job for yourself and not depend upon public funding,...

So how does that apply to what you said? I'm not seeing it. I actually said that I applaud you for trying to create an alternate means of income and starting something. Perhaps your dementia is getting in the way of your seeing when someone gave you a compliment.

Of course, that does raise a useful question in your response you stated and I quote:

"I also work for a living my friend, I get NO public aide. In fact I work in a very dangerous industry, they say 1 of the most dangerous. I also at this time am on unemployment as jobs are hard to find and businesses are going bust. But blame the economy on me. I will only be out of work for the most a year, then back to working again. I paid for my unemployment."

Let's clarify a few things:

1. You do not and never did pay for your "Unemployment". Your employer pays for it in the United States by paying into something called Unemployment Insurance. Unless you owned the company then you did not pay it, the employer did and still does.

2. This needs clarification: "In fact I work in a very dangerous industry, they say 1 of the most dangerous." So you are working? I wasn't aware that being unemployed equalled working? Just confused here, either your working in a very dangerous industry or your not working? You do realize it's a felony to be working while your collecting unemployment don't you? Also, do you report donations that you receive for your site to the UE Bureau? That is income and as such it should be reported under the law. I'm sure "The Almighty" has told you this in your many conversations with him.

3. Are you attempting to imply that I don't work? I guess if you consider being an analyst not work, then your right. As far as the company goes, I only own that so your right I don't work there either. Hey, since your claiming I don't work can I go get unemployment?

In the end LightWolf the more you speak the more your giving myself and others the opinion that you need severe help from many professional resources, none of which are available on this site. Might I suggest a couple places:

Massillon State

These places will be able to help quiet the voices in your head that tell you we don't like you or that we want to fight with you.

Also note, this is NOT your BLOG. If it was YOUR BLOG then you would have the final say and control over everything that goes into it.

This is instead Boonex's blog and they have the final say. Of course, we can see how you would attempt to take ownership of it, just like your taking ownership of paying for Unemployment when your employer is the one that did that.
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