Recipe to get a lot of blog comments:

1. Start out screaming about how abused and neglected you are and insinuating untrue things about Boonex.

2. Begin to flame & bash those who come anywhere near your blog and don't absolutively 100% agree with your view.

3. Announce that you are in communications with "The Almighty" and that you have "A Gift" that you will use to help "smite" people. Okay, I added in the smiting, but I'm sure she's thinking it.

4. see more Announce that Boonex is interfering with your relatinships with your members and customers because they won't release D7.

5. Announce that you are unemployed and currently working in a very dangerous industry, one of the most dangerous (that sounds like prostitution if you ask me) Ewww... A Granny Prostitute... That's just plain old sick
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