I didn't call you a prostitute, I just used it as an example of one of the most dangerous industries out there.

Of course, we should also take into account your comments throughout this blog:

1. "Oh and yeah I know you only read posts of people that are ass kissers, not a grandmother that has put all her monies into trying to create a free site for all who believe in Our Creator."

2. "But after 2 years of this crap, and they way you speak to some of us on here, like we see more are lower then you on the life and intelligent scale, my mind is turning towards buying a software from your competitor."

3. "Didn't take long for the attacks. How about you back off MY blog and write your own?"

4. "I'm sorry I could not get past the "blah...blah...blah". Can you say that again? As for speaking my mind, I will continue to do so tell they ban me from here, "JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE" does."

5. "Mickscool this is my blog and I will bitch if I like untill they ban me, just like everyone else on this site. Now i just got a call from your local nursery school, and they have a opening for you. So go play with your little friends and leave my blog alone....Gezzzz....

6. "Oh you hurt my feelings with all your rambling......NOT...get a life! And I never said I am taking on jobs, man, why don't you read the blog the way it is written and not how you think it is. And I have seen your mouth go off on this site also, no angel wings there. You are more moody then a pregnant women. Only thing is they have an excuse...what's yours?"

7. "Wow you think you know so much. I do not and have not and will not ever take on any job online except for helping others with my gifts. I have no clue how you get this, as I was talking about more then me...geez..

I guess you just like to ramble on and on. Okay if attacking me makes you feel more manly, you go for it. I said what I wanted to say. I vented it all out and laid it on the table for you all to do as you wish.

This is after all my blog...yes? You have attacked Boonex before with your own blogs...yes? Respect my right to vent as well on this site. It really is a shame, you should be a writer since you like to ramble on and on so much.

Oh that's right, your a popular guy around here. Bitch one minute, kiss butt the next.

I also work for a living my friend, I get NO public aide. In fact I work in a very dangerous industry, they say 1 of the most dangerous. I also at this time am on unemployment as jobs are hard to find and businesses are going bust. But blame the economy on me. I will only be out of work for the most a year, then back to working again. I paid for my unemployment."

All the numbered items above are things you have said in this post alone LightWolf. Now, you want to come in here swearing and insulting people, then you need to realize they are not going to respond to you in a positive manner.

In the past I've seen you state your were going to dump the Dolphin Software and go with something else, seen you do it in this blog. Watched you make statement in a blog I wrote that I needed to get a woman so I could control my alleged anger, listened to you accuse me of other mental disablities. Point is simple, don't come in here beating and bashing on people if you can't handle it.

I have tried to politely and professionally debate this topic and you have twisted every post I've made. Again, noone called you a prostitute, it was simply referenced as one of the most dangerous industries. If you can show me in my post where I specifically said LightWolf is a ________ fill it in with anything, then I'll apologize. I guarantee you will not because that's not my style.

However, we do have you tell people they are moodier than a pregnant woman, that a daycare is calling for them, talk on the full name blog that you were allegedly a victim of this and allegedly a victime of that, telling people to go get a woman and so many other things.

Straight up, people are getting fed up with your constant bashing. You have been on Unity twice the time I have and you have contributed less than 10% of the effort I have (and this has nothing to do with money, just look at the post counts & developmental work given away). You freely admit that you have never paid a dime to Boonex (monetarily) but have freely taken the free licenses they gave you and now you come in here whining about when D7 will be out while you can't even create a decent project with D6.

You need to take a long hard look at your own actions before you begin to bash mine.
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