I would recommend showing what GMT timezone an agent is located in, and when they are (normally) online. This way, if I am located in GMT -500 and am sending a message from someone in a GMT 500 timezone who is normally on from 8 am - 5pm (their timezone), I know that I probably won't get a response until the next day.....

It would also allow people to better know when to be able to catch an agent online via Skype or LiveHelp. (Additionally, it might be good to add a GMT timezone feature to every see more account for the same reason, so that Agents know when WE will most likely be online.)
Your suggestion is quite reasonable. We will add this information to the main Agents page or suggest for every Agent to post his/her own time availability at their personal page. So, you know when you can talk and resolve your issues in the timely manner.
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