And your asking Boonex why they haven't taken this into consideration. How is Boonex supposed to take into consideration a limit that your host is placing on the server? This question has nothing to do with Boonex and they can not in any shape, manner or form do anything about it for you.

What I'm really wondering is if your actually comprehending what your writing? Look at your OP:

"My question to Boonex is "Why do you not know this or if you do , then why don't you take this see more into consideration when setting up the data migration to move all images for example into one folder located at:"

This is NOT an issue that has to do with installs. Are you suggesting that Boonex should add another check line to make sure your server is set up to accept a certain number of files before you do your migration? Perhaps they should also run a check to make sure your getting the best deal on your internet service before you do the migration.
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