You hit the nail on the head gameutopia - they have gotten very trigger happy on killing blog posts here, and there is no consistency at all in the ones they pick to be censored. I can see occasionally killing a forum discussion thread that gets out of hand or that has inappropriate language, but I always thought blogs were different - more personal. When they delete a blog post they drive home the point that it really isn't your blog - and you are right, you are wasting your time by posting see more it. I only have about a 50 percent success rate in getting my blogs published here - the rest have been deleted. People who don' t like what you say can also get your post deleted by attacking or using foul language in the comments, then Boonex will also censor the post, even if you really did nothing wrong. You are right also - when you reply to a blog post that they don't like for one reason or another, you have totally wasted your time. I remember making a long post about how to safely move Boonex from one directory to another that they deleted the next day - totally wasting my time. Sorry you won't be posting here much anymore - I always found your opinions to be insightful, and I know you have helped many members here - including me.
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