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@DosDawg @prolaznik @LyubovL

it would be nice if newbies can get a hosting service from boonex itself like
that will avoid getting discouraged in opting for boonex software.
we can assume that all newbies are too tech savy to grasp all the in and out of boonex requirements and master it imdly.
anyone can reach a comfortable level of understanding of boonex dolphin maintenance in one year or short.
paying regular $10/month is more affordable to start with.
if boonex see more thinks that maintaining hundreds of growing hosting clients is a headache they can provide the service on contract.
say, 1 year paid shared/VPS hosting in boonex server. after one year they can be forced to move out to any of the recommended hosting partners.
in a gist:
1.boonex will be providing a cool welcome hug to new members
2.boonex provides 12 month time for its members to learn things about their software members dont have to worry about critical errors
and most importantly boonex can learn many bug issues raising from its hundreds of installed domains.
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