Hi Prolaznik. Whether its 7.0.1, 7.1 beta or just 7.1, all I am saying is that it would not be difficult for them to release a small patch to fix the blatantly obvious bugs that make our sites seem unprofessional.

If I could fix it myself then I wouldn't be asking for these obvious bugs to be fixed through the release of a small patch that would keep our members content.

At the end of the day, my members come first and when they ask for something that will make the site run more smoothly then see more I do the best I can to provide it.

I understand that Boonex would like us to be happy too (he says with a glimmer of hope) and would simply like to know how to fix these annoying bugs. I can understand and appreciate that some members are able to wait for 7.1 as their sites are not at a level where the need is so great. However, there are many unity members in desperate need of a patch and if Boonex have the answer on how to fix these issues, then I honestly do not see how providing us with the information we so need would slow anything down.

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