@Magnussoft - that can be a real pain - it is nice to have an official version numbered release- if nothing else, it puts us all on the same page on the forums and when we need technical support.

Profesize makes a good point also about the "name" of the release - it really doesn't matter what they call it - our users will never know, and we just care about the bugs fixed and the features added. My main thing not is I would just like to know when. If there are going to have a new see more release in a few days, would you do any mods today? - probably not. On the other hand, if the next release is not for another three months, you might very well do some mods and deal with the "configuration control" issues this creates later. Right now, we have no idea - will minor release happen every few months? - quarterly? twice yearly? I have no idea. For some reason, Boonex has never wanted to release this information, even though it costs them nothing and helps the user community here.
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