I do use the Trac, and have already updated many of the fixes. It is 'a pain', sure...but the benefit makes the effort worth it when the issue is important. I wish there was a more organized way to know what was in the Trac, to know which of the 'changesets' I should apply. I have only found ones by searching for specific issues I had, and by going down the timeline and looking for things that 'seemed' important to fix. I guess the best way would be to simply follow along, every day, and apply every see more single changeset! But I have not had that kind of time, and have not tried that, so I don't know if that's even possible. But maybe I should, because when 7.0.1 comes out, I won't just be able to drag over the new folders, because I have already done a lot of fixes, and a couple of them as mods, mods which were not extensions but fixes for things Boonex hasn't created a ticket or changeset for, but which were vital and basic things that should have been included in a 'stable' release. So whether I do it in real time, or all at once when 7.0.1 comes out, I will be going file by file and comparing code. If 7.0.1 is merely a collection of the changesets/timeline, then just doing the fixes as they come along would be fine...I don't know if that release would have 'other' things in it, but if so, they had better clearly explain which things are 'in addition to' the Trac changes.
As far as being frustrated or mad...yeah, of course...sometimes I think time is being spent on fixing smaller issues when critical ones are not fixed immediately (like CCBill support - HELLO!!!??)...but I know that there are always two sides to every story.
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