It is also worth while pointing out, that there is still a parallel development for Dolphin 8, which is, again as big a change from 7 as it was from 6. To me, this means that none of these products ever reach maturity. It's only ever at product maturity that tickets reduce, and features are finally finished. Remember, maturity = stability.

If Dolphin 8 is a different product, then keep it this way, when the time comes, release it as Trident, not Dolphin. Maintain development of 7 as it is, and see more give it legacy support (which is not happening with D6). This means that you will end up with a mature product, and a new product, both good for business. Additionally, by calling these products by the same name, there is an expectation that there is a direct upgrade path, and as can be seen from D6-D7, this has not worked 100%. If the products are named differently, then peoples expectations are not as high. Of course, this is all related to marketing strategy, and your model may be different, but I see the same disappointments being voiced over every release.

Things have come a long way, but there is still some ground to travel.
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