Notice the areas I have have highlighted and blurred in the screenshot; all MySQL connection details, and every other sort of sensitive data got dumped on the screen. If this had been on a production server, and the database glitch caused by whichever reason while the admin wasn't around, every visitor would have 1) had their browsers freeze, and 2) it would have exposed every sort of sensitive data in the system. (Including FTP passwords if some were saved, see bottom right.)

If the var_dump see more (or print_r or whatever did this) was put in there for debugging purposes, you may want to consider for example changing that to write them to a (random-named) file instead, and displaying a message to admin to go grab it from there over FTP and troubleshoot. Otherwise you have a very serious vulnerability scenario going on there in glitch events. (And I seem to be getting lots of them today with Dolphin!)

If this hasn't been reported yet, you may want to try and replicate it, and get it fixed to make sure that sensitive data doesn't get exposed wholesale if there's a server glitch with the database connection.

In general, it'd be good to get situations like this covered, and again this ties in with the general need for proper error handling, which was the reason for my opening blog to begin with. Don't mind my notes here --- not trying to create extra work for you as I know you're busy as it is, just trying to spare you from even more extra work in the long haul.
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