Unity is by the way also throwing up SQL errors tonight, something to do with your comments query.

| Cannot complete query (getAll):
| Got error 127 from storage engine
| Call stack: getAll[/home/boonex/public_html/unity/modules/Blog/classes/BxBlgSql.php5, 915] ....

For the record, error 127 generally has to do with a table corruption exception MySQL throws in, and can be caused by anything from an unexpectedly killed script to a hardware failure. You may want to optimize your comments see more table to make sure you don't have booboos there. It's only thrown on random loads, so you wouldn't know it's happening unless you hit the random bump.

If Unity were running on a fresh copy of Dolphin 7.0.0, it might just have repeated the scenario I noted in the previous post, blurting out all of your SQL passwords and the rest of the goodies for all the world to see and have fun with. And you know where that might lead to (wholesale 0Wn3D), since not everyone is as white-hat as I happen to be. Good thing for our data and privacy that your site still hasn't been migrated to Dolphin.
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