On finding blog posts, one thing I'm having a hard time finding is a link to further pages of blogs on the front page of Blogs in Unity. Am I blind, or has pagination gone missing?

I am of course familiar with all these PHP directives, and as noted my configuration is already correct. The point of it in my screenshot is that none of the scribble that you see on the screen is in any way relevant; it's just an undifferentiated blurt-out of raw code that hasn't been properly parsed because of the see more omitted installer check for the requirement for short form PHP tags; which I have now learned has been corrected with a chewing-gum patch that goes against PHP language developers' explicit recommendations.

If you have a look at the second main screenshot I linked to in my comment, you'll see an even more perplexing scenario, and these sorts of general fail scenarios should be somehow gracefully handled. I have also linked to two confusing errors I received when attempting to actually post this blog here in Unity. The second Dolphin 7 fail scenario actually represents a potentially very serious vulnerability scenario with exposed system information, and I'm surprised no-one has paid much attention to it.

I would be curious to know which Boonex developers are responsible for handling which areas of the software; for example, who's the main man for security issues, who's the main man for architecture design, and who's behind interfaces and general design. Are there any clear areas of responsibility, or do they just take it as it comes in turns? (I realize I have been trying to ask something along these lines in the past, too... I think in a blog that got buried under!)
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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