Andrew Boon
The author was not ignored, Victor and I spent well over an hour just talking with the author. I was trying to explain that it is not immediately obvious to us that the case like that requires item removal from the domain, and the demanding approach of the author didn't help either. We all see people building mods upon mods, or other products. There're templates being build upon other templates, too. It's a very fine line and very often we can't just say "yes". Ultimately, I have removed see more the copied templates and will probably remove such things in the future, but for reasons that are different from "this is illegal", it's more because "this sucks".

Personally, I see big difference between templates provided by Mastermindsro and the now infamous copies, and I like the originals very much, and I don't see how anyone in their sane mind would go and buy the copies.
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