The person who files a complaint should of course be responsible for providing Boonex with adequate information and documentation on the overlap between the products in question, in as much detail as possible.

Where necessary I think Boonex also should, as a matter of conflict resolution where the complaint appears to be more than hot air, give the developer filing the complaint free access (in case of pay-for mods) to the suspect rip-off to be able to examine them and produce the parallels for see more Boonex staff to look at.

These two steps would take the bulk of the code review process off the Boonex staff, but would still give them a decent ground for determining what's going on.

Of course there has to be an agreed standard on how much overlap two mods can have before being considered plagiarism. In my view, anything more a couple of silly lines of identical code, or very generic things, should be ruled out as unacceptable, unless the license of the original developer allows this.

And at the end of the day (to all of your modders), if you don't clearly license your work, you'll have a hard time making your complaint heard, as not everyone is educated in the finesse of copyright laws, and the assumptions made are wrong 95% of the time... (No doubt in part due to wishful thinking!)
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