Andrew Boon
Well, I'm all for a system, diffs, streamlined resolution process, etc. It seems like it's a no-brainer, but devil is in details, and here, there're whole lot of details...

1. Similarity, per se, doesn't mean stealing. it depends on the license, dependancies of the original code, relations of the profiles owners, etc.

2. Technically, it's easy to change the code in such a way that it will look different, but would still be same.

3. Verification like this is still very resource-intensive. see more With paid certification, we can afford it, while free checking may mean some serious sacrifices (read delays).


For now, I'd say that the best we can do is to rely on the opinion and voice if this community and kill off whatever "feels" like total crap. Much like in this case, I had to explain that it's not illegal (until proved otherwise), but I still deleted it.
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