And on those devils in the details, with whom I find myself dancing on a regular basis.

1. These are of course information you should have the person filing the complaint provide you; a) the license under which his original work was released, b) his relationship (if any) with the alleged copyist, c) the similarities which he feels are over and above reasonably generic structures. Just pass the buck to them in an orderly and standard manner, and insist that all complaints must be reported with see more a standard complaint form.

2. If the code is structurally the same, but the variable names have been changed to make it look original, in my view that can also be held to demonstrate intention to "steal and repaint", not at all unlike a car thief painting the car anew, while the engine and all the essential parts are the same. Again, for the complainer to demonstrate in sufficient detail.

3. If you had a standard complaint form to which the complainer were to fill in all of the above (and more as you deem necessary), and only accepted complaints sent in proper form, it would both give the serious complainer an avenue to demonstrate his case, and screen out frivolous complaints that take your time.

If you want to leave this up to the community to give their vote and opinion, please consider having a proper avenue for that; such as a separate forum section, or a "conflict resolution" area in the market where community experts could weigh in and act as an unofficial jury, giving their votes and angles on the case. This would again take more of the work off your shoulders, but would provide a constructive (rather than constrictive) way to deal with all this.
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