Yea right, agents, support less money who are you kidding.I don't get paid referals beacuase I will not do referals, yes the can wipe out my account, they could keep my voice from being stated, but in all serousness, I think that when Boonex first came on line with there product it was in goon intent. bus as with all things as they grow so does the need to become more finacialy solvant. I get a kick out of all of this.
1. Go back to 6.1.6 and fix the bugs in it
2. Add see more true and no BS support not this BS agent stuff where you have to pay
3. Reduce the licence fee to around 499.99 for say 5 years
4. sell more liceance s at 4999 then at 1000. think about it, the average person that is starting a web site does not have that kind of money or is more willing to refure a person if they are happy with the product and service then what has happend with Dolphine over the past 2 years
5. if you are going to have agents, then make sure they know what the hell they are talking about
It does not take a sertified genuis to make more money with what you have, just refine it MARKET it in a true wantto be successful sence.

I know the comitions are being cut to funnel more money to the agents, well folks you should realy listend to some outsiders and ones that use your product everyday, and make it easeir for therm to make money so the can help you make more money

As in the past I expect this to fall on deaf ears, or get killer by a monitor, but it is the truth and I hope at least some one agrees with my thoughts
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