I have never ever Posted Negetive about boonex- so here endith the streak. I own a site that as over four hundred members that pay. I had version 6.1.6 and paid a lot to get that done with liscense and everything- over 3,000 dollars. I begged scraped and fought for help when I was starting out almosty a year ago. No one from boonex ever helped I lived of the gerousity of a few selcted people and learned a lot about the system- which was riddled with bugs security issues and just plain sillyness.
Then, see more to continue a long story with a point I promise, I upgraded because people that said they where from boonex suggested I do so becuae the new system was kick ass, bee's kness, cracker jacking crack alackin.

I lost all my extensions, lost members, lost information and never got answers from any one on all the new bugs I got. Simply bad form- as a business man I would look at the advice you are getting to reduce your commisions and really revamp your staff. Because it sounds like one of two things.
1. you are running scared and are about to bale on the consumer. This is a common practice like cutting the insurance on your employess two weeks before you fire them all to save lots of money

2.You are about to go corporate super nova and even then you are baling on your consumer by turning your back on the people that promote you.
If you look at it this way if Boonex will decrease the sales commission on its refferals how soon is it before "Affiliate commissions are now reduced, due to the Agent system" is replaceed witht he line " boonex is now increasing it liscense fee for all its memebrs due to the agent system."

Sorry to rant and rave about them but the old Boonex was barely tolerable, the prensent boonex is scary, and the future boonex-well lets just say I will not be renewing my membership if this continues.

Maxx Fairo
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