Hey Boonex, see I am not the only one, maybe you should realy have a meeting and think, no discuss this whole thing.we all know you need cash to stay afloat, we all know that the present way of doing things is not going to last long, we all know that some of your agents are not even agents, they belong in marketing, or sweeping the floor, we all would probabley support you if you realy realy sat daown and thought this out.

Here is what I am seeing. I realy think that you may be thinking of cashing see more in quick and then dropping everything and running. god I wish I could convince you that you are on the wrong path here, you have a great foundation to build on and become the milestone,the example of all software to be based on in the future. Damn I am so upset with you guys right now,But I truely believe in what you started, and feel you have abandoned the people that helped suport you especialy us that had bought prime ,

If I could stand in front of you and shake the grap out of you, you are beeing blinded by so many things and can not see te real goal, the real money, the real things that would make a difrence to all of your members, We believed in you, well I did, and the trust is faiding. You can block this from being posted but I hope to heck that someone in your senior managment at least reads this

And if they think they know it all and that I am just a loadmouth wise butt, then they are not reading and watching what is realy happening here. Folks you have the knowlage, you have the means and you still have some support from your users to make this right and product that millions would want to use and gladly payfor . I hate for Boonex and Dolphine go the way of the UHGO, the T-rex and my late granny

Sorry got long winded here
if anyone shares my views just post a responce or give me a + vote
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