ThomasWensel; I have to agree with you on the short-term and long-term angle on the Boonex business model. There are a number of things going on that I see as quite short-sighted. To name two in particular:

* Features that users have requested and require end up being filed into tickets for an undefined future date. Meanwhile, Boonex developers are creating modifications and extensions that fill this space, and sell those on the market. To get the full deal, users will then have to both pay for see more a license AND pay for functionality that we'd expect to have available out-of-the-box.

* The agents system seems to be more and more geared towards creating revenue for the agents themselves. The cut in affiliate bonuses is just one in a series of related issues; there have also been some reports of agents trying to double-charge for services customers have already paid for, for whatever reason.

All of this makes me wonder how far the Boonex business model aims to actually create a product that meets the needs of its users and provides no extra hassle, and how far the unstated aim is to cash in with all sorts of accessory services that users are tied with once they make the leap to choose Dolphin as their software of choice. It would be fair to all from Boonex to make their business model clear and stated up front, whatever it may be.
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