Yes, groups is actually pretty important for some site types. is a swingers and BDSM site. but it's clean. I want them to keep the individual fetishes out of the public content areas. Rope- fetishists are not the same as foot freaks, who are not the same as impact and spank players. Within each sub-group, they need to share skillset info, educate each other, set up playgroups, and do it in a way that affords privacy.

I could see how an artistry social site would make see more great sub-groups - pottery - weavers - metal-smiths. Things where people want to be known in their trade will use groups, because it allows them a venue to become "the expert". Crafters have their specialties. Sports sites have their teams, Even the medical/ nursing sites would have pediatric or ER specialties.etc.

Gotta agree with Cal to some extent though, not enough dolphin sites I've seen have large enough communities with many active segments, but maybe it's because we haven't really managed that resource well and marketed it to the kind of users that would like it?

I like this moderation alerts thing, had not even realized it wasn't a current feature in 7. I just figured I didn't get mail alerts because my cron isn't working right.
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