I am very sorry but this is a joke, Boonex like any other affiliate should adhere to the set amount that a site (host) might put in place for affiliates to earn as per agreements that they set in place ( if they don't accept the payout structure of course they don't include that host).

I was involved in a small time hosting service before and would have loved to have been included on the list that Boonex provide, but I could not afford to stump up the required fee that Boonex required to be included. see more

I have an email that was received after suggesting that I (as in the hosting service that was set up) be included on the list of hosting services that Boonex prefer or recommend that states: BoonEx would like to receive $100 (+ ongoing commission interest also preferred) commission per referral.

To me and many other well equiped hosts this is beyond affordable.

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